Endorsements and Local Support


Horizon Ottawa

Rideau Student Union

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, District 25

Community Members:

“As an education scholar, and as a parent, I am deeply concerned with the situation in our schools. I trust that thoughtful, critical trustees who understand the issues will help our children and youth better access quality education. I am so glad that Patricia Kmiec is running to make a difference in our schools. I hope all parents in Zone 3 who want their students to be properly supported through evidence-based approaches vote for Patricia!”

Alexandra Arraiz Matute, OCDSB Parent, Community Activist, Scholar


“I am a retired teacher who has been following the school board trustee elections and I am hoping Patricia will be successful in her bid to become the next Zone 3 trustee. With the world changing the way it is we need a fresh look at how to bring public education into step with the times and I see Patricia as having the vision and leadership skills to make some real progress in this direction. Patricia also has the much-needed quality of being able to work civilly and respectfully with people who do not share her opinions. We need a board of trustees that serves as an example to students of how to conduct business in a democratic society without resorting to labelling and defaming people who do not think like us. In addition, Patricia has an academic background and career that opens a person up to appreciating each child as unique and requiring a learning environment based on equity and inclusion and where every child has a sense of belonging.” 

Richard Fransham, Co-founder Uniting for Children and Youth


“As the father of 8-year-old and 3 year old girls, a member of Berrigan ES school council, and a long-time union and community activist, I wholeheartedly support Patricia and urge all my neighbours,  parents and community members to vote for her. She has a strong platform and thorough action plan to address the challenges that Ontario’s public education system faces as well as the specific problems that the Barrhaven community struggles with. 

Particularly, her progressive and evidence-based plan to address overcrowding in our schools shows that she is ready to take up the task.” 

Yasin Kaya, Barrhaven OCDSB Parent


“I am however putting all of my support behind Patricia Kmiec. She is a strong and committed individual who will give all she has to supporting our students and community. I encourage you to check out her website and to vote for her on October 24th. We need change more than ever in Barrhaven and she is the right person for the job.”

Amy Wellings, OCDSB parent and Barrhaven community member


“Although I’m not an OCDSB parent, I care deeply for all students in my Barrhaven community, and also in Ontario, advocating for specific provincial legislation for exceptional children with special needs.  As a champion of social justice, fighting for equitable education for students with FASD, I know Patti Kmiec is willing to work hard, advocating for students with diverse needs at OCDSB.  Extending gratitude in advance for voting for Patti Kmiec, looking forward to supporting her dedication and passion for ensuring equitable education for all OCDSB students.” 

Davina Mullaley, Barrhaven Parent, OCSB Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Representative


“I’m voting for Patricia Kmiec because all students deserve a place to learn in safety. As Barrhaven grows, our children deserve a representative who will listen to them and who understands the most pressing issues they face. Patricia has demonstrated that she will meet with students and give them a voice in our community.”

Marlowe F.,  Barrhaven OCDSB Parent


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