About Me

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Below are some of my relevant experience, education, and community involvement:

I earned a PhD in Social Justice Education (University of Toronto) in 2015 and have been teaching at Carleton University since 2017. As an interdisciplinary educator, I teach primarily in the Sociology and Human Rights & Social Justice programs where my courses focus on areas related to children and youth; education; and the family in the Canadian context.

  • From this experience, I have gained extensive and ongoing knowledge on educational policy and practice in Ontario, including recent inquiries and reports at the local and provincial levels. I’m familiar with the latest research on the challenges and successes of public schooling in Canada. I’m part of a professional network of leading scholars who have demonstrated through international research the most effective ways to achieve equitable and inclusive school communities.
  • My work focusing on children and youth rights continues to shape my perspectives on the role of young people in our communities, including schools. I believe that children and youth have a right to actively participate in decision-making on all issues impacting them.

I’m an involved parent of a student in a Zone 3 school in the OCDSB .

  • As a parent, I have been connected to our local school community in various ways, including by participating in the school council. Through these relationships, I’ve learned the important role that parents play in our school communities. I’ve also become aware of the key issues that parents and staff are concerned with at our local schools.

I’ve contributed to significant human rights work in the area of public education in Ontario.

  • For the past four years, I have been working as an expert witness and researcher for the organization OPEN on their constitutional challenge over discrimination in public school funding in Ontario. This work has strengthened my expertise and research skills in the area of education policy in Ontario. It has also encouraged me to continue to see various avenues through which to address issues of discrimination that students in Ontario face. (The case was filed with the Ontario Superior Court in January 2022 with the next scheduled hearing in September).

As an activist in the local labour movement, I am an active member of my local labour union (CUPE 4600), where I have held various leadership roles including serving on the union’s executive board as Chief Steward during the 2021-2022 academic year.

  • I believe that my experience within the labour movement closely connects to work in public education. Many of the challenges facing public education are shared with the broader community of workers. My work with CUPE has provided me with the opportunity to work collaboratively with others to establish creative, evidence-based, and human rights-focused approaches to addressing issues that we have emerged under a conservative provincial government and throughout the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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