Barrhaven: Local Issues

I understand the everyday struggles and concerns of Barrhaven parents and students. I care about the young people in our community and their experiences in our schools. As trustee, I would prioritize the following issues of immediate concern:

  • Overcrowding of schools
  • Mental health support and awareness
  • Safety, including violence and bullying
  • Support and review of programs, access, and accommodations for students with disabilities and/or neurodiversity.

Addressing these issues will take a variety of efforts, but I will commit to centering my decision-making around three key principles:

1. Meaningful collaboration and ongoing communication with parents and students who are impacted. This also includes building meaningful relationships with teachers and other school staff.

2. Applying my expertise in research and analysis to reviewing past ideas; current efforts, and future projections.

3. Effective and respectful collaboration with fellow trustees, board committees, and staff.

To learn more about my ideas on addressing these key local issues, see my full interview with the Barrhaven Independent.

I welcome all input and feedback on these issues and any others! Please get in touch if you have any thoughts you’d like to share with me.

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